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hidden treasures:
a portal into sacred Egyptian Geometry & Art

Learn the secrets

A retreat in Egypt, brought to you by Ellora Wellness and Vegan Spirituality

April 11-21, 2023
See what's planned!

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You're walking along the banks of the Red Sea when you decide to dip into the clear, luxuriously warm waters. Maybe you spot an iridescent blue fish. Then you engage in a class about the ancient Egyptian art of perfume and kohl making and belly dancing. You might later head deep into the Oasis of Siwa to the salt lakes that are so clear you can see the bottom and so salty that you're practically buoyed out of the water. You might spot vivid paintings from thousands of years ago at Hathor's Temple.

And of course the epic grandeur of the pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo await. Then you visit sanctuaries with horses, donkeys, camels, and always spy the ubiquitous and usually friendly cats and dogs on the roads. All accompanied by rich and abundant Egyptian dates, figs, mangos, persimmons and so many other fruits, along with vegan Egyptian meals.

All this could be your experience if you join us on a 10-day retreat of dance, movement, and visiting sacred and off the beaten track spots in our Bohemian retreat into the heart of Egypt.

Send an email to to receive the itinerary and reserve your spot. 

Prices not including airfare to Cairo: 

$1800 per person for a double room including:

  • tour guide

  • transportation, including domestic flights

  • accommodations

  • entrance fees for sightseeing

  • 2 liters of bottled water per person per day

  • daily breakfast and lunch

  • dinner is either at a restaurant or $20 extra/day.

  • daily fruit

  • all activities and dance classes

**Single rooms are available for $2100

contact us

818-383-5998 or 747-777-2359

Look what awaits you:


And check out these images from our previous retreat in Hawaii: 

Album 1:

Album 2:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to find an inexpensive flight?

We recommend the search engine to get the lowest priced flights, but try a variety of search engines (skyscanner, expedia, kayak, hopper) to make sure you're getting the best deal. If you can carry on all your luggage, you will also save on checked baggage fees. We also suggest that you select an option that has adequate time between connections if it's not a direct flight to allow for any tardy flight legs.  

Can I use my phone there?

International plans are usually more expensive, but if your phone is unlocked, you can get an Egyptian sim card at the airport or at various stores around town, such as Orange, Vodafone, Etisalat or WE, which is not very expensive. Alternately, you can just rely on wifi at hotels. You can also get a google voice number, which rings to your mobile number, and is a free service. It works through wifi.


It's good to bring some dollars to exchange there for Egyptian pounds. You can exchange some at the airport if you'd like or at the National Bank of Egypt, or other banks. The pound is extremely weak right now and inflation there is quite high. The dollar will buy a great deal more than just a few months ago. 

Credit Cards

Most larger businesses will take credit cards, but some smaller vendors will only take cash, so for shopping purposes it's best to have cash available. 


It is definitely the rule of the land to bargain, as they'll try to take advantage of foreigners to get a higher price. However, Egypt is facing a strong economic crisis right now, and the poverty rate is at 60%. Products are still quite inexpensive by Western standards, so feel free to bargain, but remember that they are quite poor generally, and this is their livelihood. It may not be worth it to bargain too hard. 

Personal Safety

Many parts of Egypt are very safe to walk around by yourself, but many aren't. Always ask the tour guide or leaders. When in El Gouna, it's very safe and you can walk around even in shorts or a bikini with no problem. You need to be more covered and careful in Cairo. Refrain from exposing your shoulders or midriff when in Cairo. Do not accept rides from strangers, and do not go off with a stranger. 


To see Mosques, you may need to cover your shoulders or hair, but usually you don't. It's always best to keep a scarf with you as a wrap if you get cold, a cover up, or to sit down on.

Purses or other bags should be watched carefully, and avoid showing any signs of money or wealth, as you could be a target for pickpockets. Keep money close to your body. 


They can be there all year, so take a good, non-DEET mosquito repellent with you.


Please make sure it is reef safe. 


It can get chilly at night so a light sweater or jacket is advisable. In April, it is generally between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Food & Water Safety

You could take peptol bismol ahead of time if you're concerned about digestive upsets. It's generally best to wash raw produce well. Do not drink tap water. Bottled or filtered water is best. 

Cairo Traffic

It is as frenetic as you've heard. But Egyptian drivers are merely trying to see how close they can get to other cars without removing the paint or mirrors from the other cars. And traffic lanes really are just decorative accents on the road. Horns are to communicate coded messages with each other. Joking aside, it can be a hair-raising experience the first time, but generally, you'll get there in one piece. It's best to use uber, as you can input your location ahead of time. Regular taxi drivers don't generally know their way around very well unless it's a major tourist attraction, and they often don't speak any English. Public transportation in Cairo and El Gouna works quite well, and is safe. 


They have no current requirements at the time of this writing. Talk to your doctor about any you think you may need. 

Visas to Enter Egypt

You'll need a Visa to enter Egypt as a US citizen. You can either apply for one ahead of time online at this or other sites:

or get one upon arrival in Egypt. Pay $25 in USD cash upon arrival at Cairo airport. It's quite easy to do so at a bank kiosk you'll find upon landing, before you go through passport control. If you want to do it ahead of time, it may be more expensive, depending on the site you pick. Make sure you have at least 6 months validity on your passport before traveling. 

Terrorism Threats

While there is a risk of terrorism, generally Egypt is a safe country, visited by millions of tourists every year. But check state department advisories if you are concerned. 


If you are concerned about flight cancellations (more common these days), you could always get travel insurance from World Nomads or other carriers. You are also not required to have proof of medical insurance, but could get this if it gives you peace of mind. 


Vanessa Marsot has been going to Egypt for the last few years to put on vegan festivals, and to work on opening a vegan restaurant as part of her global vegan wellness center. She and Lisa have done several events and a retreat to Hawaii together. She also teaches yoga, pole dancing, and meditation. 

Lisa Levinson is the Campaigns Director for In Defense of Animals and founded Vegan Spirituality and co-founded the Interfaith Vegan Coalition. She organizes events and retreats. She is a certified movement therapist, teaches bone health fitness classes, and enjoys dance of many styles. 

Ahmed Adel Ahmed Sary has been a tour guide for over 13 years, leading tours throughout Egypt with the US ministry of Defense, The Minister of Justice of Nigeria, and Professor Robert Schoch. He is currently
 obtaining his PhD pertaining to the displays of the animals and birds in ancient Egyptian temples.

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V brochure.jpeg



In this tour you will discover the sacred geometry of Egyptian architecture, the healing arts of the Desert, dances and ancient arts by the Red Sea, and you will meet and interact with the animals in sanctuaries. You’ll explore ancient temples, bathe in crystalline salt waters, eat luscious fruits and Egyptian vegan cuisine, and dance your way through it all.  




Arrive in Egypt.

After arriving at Cairo International Airport, your Tour Coordinator will meet you and transport you to your hotel in a private air-conditioned vehicle.


En route, you will have a brief introduction to Egypt and your memorable tour. There will then be an opening circle, followed by yoga, meditation, and sound healing.



Explore ancient Egypt all in one day. Take in the Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykreinus and the Sphinx before visiting the Egyptian Museum with the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world.


After the visit to the museum, you will head back to the Hotel to rest. You then have the option to take an Acro-Yoga class (extra cost) or to visit and volunteer at an animal sanctuary.


Movement therapy of the Egyptian goddesses offered in the evening.




In the early morning, your private tour guide will pick you up to transfer you to Siwa Oasis (750 K.M / 08 Hours). On the way there, the guide will introduce you to cities you will pass, such as Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, as well as Siwa Oasis.


After arriving in Siwa, you will be accommodated at one of the top Siwa Oasis Hotels.


Lunch and dinner will be included.


Bedtime yoga and evening guided meditation will follow.


What makes this desert so beautiful is that it hides bodies of water in surprising places.

In Siwa, we’ll explore ruins in the desert, drive through sand dunes, and swim in crystalline salt lakes.

Movement experience and evening guided meditation will follow.



Day of driving back to Cairo. Storytelling en route.

Stops in historic cities along the way. 


Evening fitness and guided meditation.



In the morning, your private tour guide will pick up you from your hotel for a transfer to El-Gouna (450 KM / 05 Hours).

After arriving, there will be time to relax, enjoy the sun and sand of the magnificent Red Sea.


Option to take aerial arts classes (extra cost).

Evening fitness and guided meditation.



Time wasted at the beach is time well spent.

Revel under the sun in the Red Sea Riviera and enjoy some of the best seaside activities set among gorgeous mountains and crystal clear waters.  

Options (extra cost):

  • take kite surfing classes

  • take salsa or aerial art classes

  • get a massage

Evening bone health class and meditation.


Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.


  • Volunteer at a nearby animal sanctuary

  • Have tea at the Purrfect Cuppa Cat Café & walk along the marina

  • Indulge in spa treatments

Evening yoga and meditation.



In the early morning, your tour guide will travel with you from Gouna to Abydos temple (350KM / 04Hours).


After the visit, you will transfer to Dendera Temple (100 KM / 01.5 Hour), hearing stories of ancient history along the way.


And then you will make your way to Luxor (85 KM / 01 Hour).

Upon arrival in Luxor, you will be taken to your hotel.

Gentle movement and meditation.

DAY 10

In the morning, your tour guide will accompany you to the funerary temples and tombs on the Nile's West Bank. Visit the Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and Hatshepsut Temple, dedicated to the most famous powerful queen of Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut.


After visiting the West Bank, you will go to a restaurant for lunch.


After lunch, see the sites on the East Bank of the Nile. Visit the well-preserved temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor.

After visiting Luxor, you will fly back to Cairo and transfer to your hotel.

Closing ceremony and sacred dance circle. 


DAY 11

According to the time of your flight, our flight coordinator will accompany you to Cairo International Airport for your return home with memories to last a lifetime.












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