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Ellora Wellness is the intersection of wellness through movement, self-care, nutrition​, and a deep abiding respect for our environment and all living beings. 

Ellora Wellness is a community where the choices are varied. We offer fitness classes, dance classes, performing arts, body work, vegan food, and a boutique specializing in cruelty free products.

Created and led by Vanessa Marsot, the center benefits from Vanessa's journey from artist, to yoga teacher, to therapist, to her everyday value to live life joyfully following a vegan lifestyle. Ellora Wellness is the culmination of her dream to create a space to share this with the world.

Ellora Wellness takes its name from the caves in India where all travelers were welcome regardless of creed. Different religions were killing each other outside the caves, but in the caves, all were embraced. Every day we offer a space where everyone is welcomed into the family. It takes a community to make a community.

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